hey, guys and gals, i just wanted to say that this blog is either going on hiatus for a while or shutting down indefinitely.

i may hand over the ownership to someone else i’m really close friends with, i have to see what they want to do.

anywho, thank you all for being so loyal and great, but i’m not sure i can do this anymore—at least not at the moment.

my friend who had helped out for a bit has her own tobuscus/roosterteeth blog, you should go follow it, she’s tremendous.

- J

lil-caliborn said: where is the latest gif from?

this video

future reference to anyone else, though, i put the names of the videos i make them from in the tags. and the tags are visible through the blog, itself.

edit — aside from some really old gifs

J is currently obsessed with Borderlands 2 and I don’t have the access to any messages on here (nor have I ever, so apologies if you’ve ever sent anything here for me), so if you have any requests or anything at all, this is my personal blog where you can reach me.